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Starting an AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Program

Classroom Activities

Do you operate—or want to create—a Montessori teacher education program (TEP)? Will you accept nothing short of excellence? Affiliate your program with the American Montessori Society!

Benefits of AMS Affiliation

The most immediate benefit to affiliation by AMS is worldwide recognition of the quality of your program: educators around the globe know that AMS-affiliated TEPs offer authentic, research-based, professional preparation for Montessori teachers at every level.

In addition to setting the highest standards for your own TEP, you can help raise standards for all Montessori educators by participating as a voting member of the AMS Teacher Educators Section (TES).

AMS affiliate programs receive discounts on AMS publications and on materials and furniture from Nienhuis Montessori USA, and more.

AMS Affiliation: A Voluntary Process

All TEPs that seek affiliation with AMS do so voluntarily and must also be accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). Programs should apply for MACTE accreditation and AMS affiliation simultaneously.

AMS TEP affiliation is available to the following:

  • Freestanding institutions that exist solely for the purpose of offering Montessori teacher education
  • Institutions that are part of other educational organizations (e.g., schools for children)
  • Montessori TEPs within colleges or universities

Steps & Timeline

There are defined steps that teacher education programs aiming to achieve American Montessori Society affiliation must complete. We recognize that the process of AMS affiliation can be challenging and fulfilling, time-consuming and rewarding; we are here to provide support and encouragement along the way. Ready to get started?

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