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Credential Services

The American Montessori Society provides credential services to holders of Montessori credentials issued by AMS or the National Center for Montessori Education (NCME).


To request a credential service, use the AMS Credential Services Form. For questions or other assistance, please contact

Providing credential services requires research and document preparation. Therefore, preparation fees are charged. These fees are detailed on the form.

Please note that requests regarding credentials that were issued before 2000 will require document retrieval from off-site storage and may take an additional 2 weeks.

Services Provided

Replacement credential certificates

Replacement certificates are available to AMS or NCME credential holders who would like to revise their name on their credential certificate or who have lost a credential certificate. The processing of replacement certificates generally takes 2 – 4 weeks. After the replacement credential certificate is processed, it will be sent to your former teacher education program for signature and then mailed to you from there. If your teacher education program is no longer operating or affiliated with AMS, the new certificate will be mailed directly to you.

Transcript preparation

AMS transcripts verify credentials. Transcripts also provide information about contact hours for the academic components of a course level and about the accreditation of courses attended. The transcript may or may not be accepted by a college or university for an exchange of contact hours for credit hours. The processing of transcripts takes approximately 2 weeks.

Credential upgrades

Upgrading a credential certificate from an AMS Associate credential to an AMS full credential requires that an original college transcript indicating degree awarded, or an original credential evaluation assessment from a recognized credential evaluating service, be submitted along with the completed AMS Credential Services Form and fee. AMS recognizes all credential evaluating services that are members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Because original documents are required, faxed or scanned transcripts cannot be accepted. To be eligible for a credential upgrade, the credential holder's AMS membership must be current. The processing of credential upgrades generally takes 2 – 4 weeks.

Verification letters

AMS prepares credential verification letters for employers or state licensing agencies. These letters can be used to verify a credential as valid and active, including information about the credential level, teacher education program attended and date of completion. Verification letters also provide a brief outline of the course components studied—for a detailed outline including contact hours, see “transcript preparation” above. The processing of letters of verification takes approximately 2 weeks.

Other letters

AMS prepares other letters of support for AMS and NCME credentials for state and government agencies. These letters can be used to provide information about the specific content of course components, verification of the MACTE accreditation of AMS courses, or details requested by your state or government agency. The request should be accompanied by a statement of the reason the letter is needed.

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