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Pathway of Continuous School Improvement

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The American Montessori Society’s Pathway of Continuous School Improvement is a school-quality initiative available to every AMS member school at no additional cost. It consists of a manageable series of 10 steps that helps schools demonstrate and articulate their commitment to quality Montessori education.

Step 1 is an entry point for any member school. Steps 2 – 6 help you integrate the core components of Montessori. Further steps help bring you into compliance with AMS school accreditation standards. The highest step, Step 10, is AMS accreditation—a goal for some of our member schools.

School Quality Assessment Tool

The AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement is:

  • Available to all AMS-member schools—and at no additional cost
  • A model of best practices
  • Voluntary
  • A mission-driven, standards-based process that helps your school achieve and maintain Montessori excellence
  • A means of self-assessment to help you set goals for school quality
  • An opportunity to benefit from personalized resources and guidance
  • A means for being recognized publicly for your school’s commitment to quality Montessori education via a special seal included with your listing on the AMS website

No matter what your school’s step level, participation in the Pathway sends a signal to its community that it is committed to best practices and ongoing improvement. It is an invaluable tool for supporting student enrollment and retention, and attracting qualified teachers committed to working in an environment that adheres to standards for quality Montessori implementation.

Getting Started on the Pathway

It’s easy to get started on the AMS Pathway. Just complete and submit the brief AMS School Quality Assessment Tool. It should take about 10 minutes. Your responses will be reviewed by an AMS school quality concierge, who will contact you to assign you your step on the Pathway. The concierge will also discuss with you your goals for school improvement, strategies for moving along the pathway, and how s/he can help you.

AMS Support

Every school participating on the AMS Pathway to Continuous School improvement can take advantage of personalized coaching by an AMS school quality concierge, self-assessment tools, sample documents, and a Pathway logo for your website indicating your school’s step—all at no cost. To find out more, contact

Steps on the AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement

There are 10 steps on the AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement. Step 1 is an entry point for any AMS member school—though some will begin their journey further along the pathway. Step 10 is AMS school accreditation, the highest level of recognition granted by the Montessori community.

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