Teacher Education

Adult Learners

Because Montessori is a distinctive form of education requiring special teacher preparation, we urge anyone who wants to teach in a Montessori classroom to first attend a teacher education center affiliated with AMS.

Why? Because AMS-affiliated teacher education programs work hard to meet our standards. And our standards are high. The Montessori Method is both subtle and complex, and it’s important that classroom teachers thoroughly understand and embrace it so they can give every child a consistent, high quality educational experience.

AMS awards credentials to teachers who successfully complete an AMS-affiliated Montessori teacher education program. Teachers may earn AMS credentials to teach at any of these levels: infant & toddler; early childhood; elementary; and secondary. An administrator credential is also available.

An AMS teacher credential requires both academic work at an AMS-affiliated teacher education program and an internship at an approved Montessori school.

You can read more about AMS teacher education by following this link.

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