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TES Annual Meetings & Task Force Reports

Adult Learners

The work of the Teacher Educators Section (TES) is performed throughout the year by standing committees and task forces. The TES appoints or elects individuals to work on specific areas of teacher education, including admissions, affiliation, curriculum, practicum experience, evaluation, certification standards and guidelines, and recommendations to the AMS Board of Directors.

If you'd like to learn more about work that is currently being done by the TES, work that has been done in the past, or specifics about a TES Annual Meeting, you'll find that information here.

Teacher Educators Section Annual Meetings

The TES meets once a year, typically immediately before the AMS Annual Conference in March. The event includes an annual meeting, professional development,, and opportunities for networking. Directors, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to attend.

Meeting Resources

Some Key Strategies for Supporting Literacy Growth
Developmental Continuum for Literacy
Sharing Strategies – worksheet

"Supporting Pre-Service Teachers Through Clinical Supervision & Reflective Practice"
"MACTE & AMS Verifiers Training"

“Preparing the Digital Environment for Teacher Education”
“It’s Not About the Materials, or Is It?”
“Getting It Right from the Beginning: The Role of Dispositions in Montessori Teacher Training”
“Supporting Self-Directed Internships” – Networking Session

Using Videotaping and Teacher Reflection During the Practicum Year
The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the Observation World

Steven Hughes Keynote – watch his presentation with audio:
Conducting Action Research
Improving Graduation Rates
Improving Graduation Rates – Survey summary
Offering Meaningful Professional Development

Task Force Reports

The chair of the TEC creates task forces to study specific issues and to make recommendations to the Teacher Education Action Committee (TEAC). A TEC task force may be expanded to include persons from outside the committee who have experience/expertise in the field.

Alternative Paths to an AMS Credential
Distance Learning
TEAC Structure Change Task Force

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