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AMS Handbook for TEP Affiliation & Application Forms

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The “AMS Handbook for Teacher Education Program Affiliation” is the reference for teacher education programs seeking information about AMS standards and requirements for affiliation. The handbook covers AMS standards and requirements for the affiliation of teacher education programs, governance of the Teacher Educators Section and Teacher Education Action Commission, and information on the process for AMS initial affiliation, renewal of affiliation, and substantive changes.

Changes to the Handbook that occur between publications will be posted below:

AMS Handbook Update July 2018

Below, we've included a download from the Handbook of the Fundamental Tenets and rubric:

Fundamental Tenets of an AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Program
Fundamental Tenets of an AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Program – Rubric

The “AMS Handbook for Teacher Education Program Affiliation” does not include forms for initial applications/renewals and substantive changes.

Initial Application or Renewal

AMS and MACTE have collaborated to create a single application form for both organizations:

  1. Go to MACTE Guide to Accreditation Self-Study Checklist (on the MACTE website)  
  2. Download the application form and the “Self-Study Checklist”
  3. Go to Appendix B, “Affiliate Requirements for AMS Programs.” Here, you will be asked to identify the location of the documents AMS requires for its application within the MACTE Self-Study.
  4. AMS requires that you submit an AMS Affiliation Application – Program Contact Information Form and the fee for the application directly to AMS simultaneous with your submission of the MACTE Self-Study Documents to MAC TE.  For those AMS requirements that have their own form, please find the forms below. 

AMS Affiliation Application – Program Contact Information Form
AMS Fee Schedule 
AMS Curriculum Sequence Summary Chart
AMS Questionnaire for Course Delivery
AMS Adult Learner Handbook Policies Checklist
AMS Personnel Qualification Summary Chart

AMS Academic Hours Charts:

Infant & Toddler
Early Childhood
Elementary I
Elementary I – II
Elementary II
Secondary I
Secondary I – II

The Administrator course level is not MACTE- accredited and does not use the MACTE Self-Study Checklist. Please use this form:

AMS Affiliation Application – Administrator Course Self-Study Checklist
Sample tables for use in the Administrator Self-Study

In 2014, the AMS School Accreditation Commission (SAC) and the AMS Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC) collaborated on lists of suggested learning materials for each course level. The intent of these checklists is to provide Montessori schools and teacher education programs with a list of traditional, developmentally-appropriate materials and activities that are generally expected to be available in classrooms and taught in teacher education programs. The lists are comprehensive but not exclusive or prescriptive and teachers may also present other activities.

Infant & Toddler Materials List
Early Childhood Materials List
Elementary Materials List
Secondary Materials List

Substantive Changes

In January 2014, AMS and MACTE completed a collaboration to simplify the Substantive Change application process so that many of the documentation requirements are now the same for both organizations.

For each substantive change application, submit to AMS: the MACTE application cover sheet, all documentation requested on the MACTE Substantive Change application, the AMS Substantive Change application, the AMS application fee, a statement of compliance with AMS policies, and any additional documentation AMS has requested on the AMS Substantive Change application.

Substantive Change #1: Change in Legal Name of Institution or Program
Substantive Change #2: Change in Established Mission or Objectives 
Substantive Change #3: Change in Director/Faculty/Staff 
Substantive Change #4: Change in Time Structure or Length of Certification Course(s) 
Substantive Change #5A: Change in Curriculum: Revision of Syllabus 
Substantive Change #5B: Change in Curriculum - Distance Education 
Substantive Change #5C: Addition of an Age-Range (Ell or Sll) 
Substantive Change #6: Change in Ownership/Control 
Substantive Change #7: Relocation of Permanent Site 
Substantive Change #8: Application for Approval of Additional Location
Substantive Change #8A: Application for Approval of a Teaching Site

For additional information on any AMS application procedures please contact us.

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